Why our Waterproof Car Seat Cover is the MOST functional Towel you never knew you NEEDED...

Our functional waterproof car seat cover in grey

Towel Society’s car seat towel is a must-have for anyone wanting to keep their vehicle seats clean and protected. Designed for front seats, our towel is the jack of all trades in car protection:

  • Fits a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks and even wheelchairs
  • Keeps your car seat dry, clean and free from damaging elements like sea salt, dust, sweat and paint
  • Ideal for a variety of users with different needs, all finding it practical and effective

Whether you're hitting the gym, catching waves, looking after loved ones, getting your hands dirty on the job, or running a business, our car seat towel is there for you.

The “Sweaty Betty”

Meet the "Sweaty Betty" - the athlete, gym-goer, runner, or triathlete who trains like a warrior. For this fitness fanatic, a regular towel just won't do. After an intense workout, they need our post-workout waterproof car seat cover to protect their car seats from the aftermath.

Surfers and Swimmers

For our surfers and swimmers, hitting the waves or the pool is a way of life. But sea salt and chlorine can wreak havoc on car seats. That's where our waterproof car seat cover comes in. It protects seats from the dampness and residue left by a day at the beach or a swim in the pool. The hooded design ensures the entire seat, including the headrest, stays dry.

 Check out our range of waterproof car seat covers.


Tradies know that a hard day's work often means dust, paint and oil all over their clothes. We designed our car seat towels to protect your car seats from the daily grime that comes with the job. Whether you're a builder, painter, or mechanic, our car seat towels will shield your vehicle from dirt and stains


Carers can now focus on their important work without worrying about messes, knowing our towel provide a barrier against accidents and stains. Our towel offers a practical and more functional alternative to traditional incontinence chair pads, and is used by many professionals as an effective incontinence auto seat cover.

The “Tan Fan”

Meet the "Tan Fan" - the person who never misses a spray tanning appointment. Wondering what to bring to your spray tanning appointment? Our car seat towel keeps seats clean and prevents tanning residue from staining your car. Enjoy your golden glow without the worry.

Business Owners

Our car seat towels are popular amongst Business owners looking for a unique corporate gift. They can be embroidered with your logo, making them perfect for marketing or thanking staff and clients. These towels offer a practical and thoughtful way to promote your brand while showing appreciation.


You can learn more about Towel Society's car seat towel on our FAQ page, or head to our shopping page to see our range of colours.


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