What are the dimensions of Towel Society's Car Seat Towel?

  • Height: 55 inches (139.7 cm)
  • Width: 26 inches (66.04 cm)
  • Weight: 144 grams

It is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles such as:

  • all cars, trucks and SUV front seats
  • all front single bucket seats/standard car seats
  • all front seats with headrest attachment.


What material is the Car Seat Towel made of?

Towel Society's Car Seat Towel is made from a 3-layer construction, being 100% Polyester:

  • the top layer is a Terry Towel
  • the middle layer is a waterproof inner lining
  • the bottom layer features a non-slip rubber node backing.


Is the Car Seat Towel waterproof?

Yes, Towel Society's Car Seat Towel is indeed waterproof. We only sell waterproof car seat covers because we believe that's the best way to make your towel multifunctional and truly protective for your car seat.

You can be assured our car seat towel is waterproof, sweat-proof, and spray tan-proof. It’s also a fantastic product to protect car seats from dust and grease, and very popular amongst tradies.


Is the Car Seat Towel non-slip?

Yes, Towel Society's Car Seat Towel features a non-slip rubber node backing to ensure it stays securely in place on your car seat. The non-slip backing eliminates the need for backstraps, making installation quick and easy.


How do I install Towel Society's Car Seat Towel?

Speaking of installation, installing Towel Society's Car Seat Towel is very easy.

Simply place the hood over the top of the headrest, and the towel will drape down, covering both the backrest and the seat itself. For a perfect fit, manually adjust the sides to ensure the car seat is fully covered.


How should I wash my Car Seat Towel?

To keep your Towel Society Car Seat Towel looking and feeling its best, wash it in cold water. You can use either a normal or gentle cycle on your washing machine.

After washing, hang the towel to dry in a shaded area to avoid fading from direct sunlight. DO NOT tumble dry, as it may damage the towel's waterproof inner lining and non-slip rubber, and affect its durability.


Is the Car Seat Towel safe for side airbags?

Yes. The towel is designed as a throw-over car seat cover with a hood that fits over the headrest. Since it is not tied to the seat and both sides are free, it will not interfere with airbag deployment.