Our Story

As I am entering my “come on fifty I’m ready for you” era – I found myself doing all the things. Swimming and gymming to be exact. Both that left me after each session with a wet or sweaty towel on my Car Seat.

I tucked one under the headrest – I had one on the base of the seat – oh and don’t forget the one wrapped around me. My car was essentially a linen cupboard. The one problem remained. My seat was always damp.

So I decided to design a Car Seat Towel that would do all the things I needed it to do. It HAD to be waterproof. It HAD to be non-slip. It HAD to be WASHABLE. It HAD to be quick to put on – and finally, it needed to be great quality AND COMFY!

And so, I did.

The Car Seat Towel by Towel Society is the first release of what will be a range of “functional” towels that your lifestyle never knew it needed.

And this is just the beginning of our story…..

So, who am I?

I’m Kylie.
Occasional Swimmer/Gymmer.
Oh, and owner of the driest car seat EVER. Towel Society Kylie